Donald Trump’s worst nightmare has arrived

Donald Trump’s worst nightmare has arrived. No, it’s not the impending resignation of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, though that’ll be ugly for him. It’s not the Pee Pee Tape, though Robert Mueller’s latest moves in London suggest it’s going to surface eventually. Instead, Trump’s worst nightmare is something that he’d been taking credit for all along – until it completely fell apart this morning and landed squarely on his head.

President Barack Obama built such a strong economy that the U.S. saw positive job growth every single month for seven straight years. Since Trump took office, job growth had quietly begun to slow, though not enough to upset Wall Street or make the nightly news. Then came today’s news: in the month of September, the U.S. economy lost 33,000 jobs. The streak is over. Trump broke it, because he broke the economy with bad policies that have negatively affected everything from tourism to agriculture.

Trump will use the hurricanes as an excuse for the bad job numbers, once he finally gets over the shock and figures out how to tweet again. In a remarkably rare move for him, he didn’t tweet anything at all this morning. That only happens when the news is so bad for him, he’s thrown too far off his game to figure out how to spin it or distract from it. He hasn’t tweeted in twenty-one hours, one of his longest silent streaks to date.

It’ll end soon enough, of course. Donald Trump can’t help but try to tweet his way out of any loss. But he can’t even get away with falsely blaming the hurricanes for the job losses, because that would merely serve to remind people how badly he screwed up his hurricane response. As long as the economy stayed strong, he had a better chance of getting away with all his other crap. But now he’s broken the economy, and his every move will be under a microscope. At this moment he’s probably hiding under the desk.

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