This is the worst day of Donald Trump’s life – and it’s about to get far worse for him

You’re Donald Trump. You only care about a handful of things in life. Money. Power. Cheating people. The perverse thrill of scamming society while proudly providing nothing in return. You’ve been getting away with it for seven decades. Except this time you took it a little too far, or at least you did it in the wrong arena. Now your own evil tactics are being used against you, by the very monsters you created. This has been the worst day of your life – and it’s about to get far uglier, because you made it that way.

Donald, you took a disgraced and down on his luck former military hero name Michael Flynn, and you helped turn him into a traitor. You encouraged him to sell out everything he ever stood for, in the name of personal ambition. You taught him how to not care about anything or anyone. You taught him the art of cold hard ruthless revenge. And so when it all went wrong and Flynn’s back was against the wall, he took the lessons you taught him and sold you out to save himself. He destroyed you today. Your presidency is a ticking timebomb. Your family is about to be in ruins. Oh, and he’s not the only one.

You also helped turn Paul Manafort into a financial fraudster over the years, a traitor willing to take any money, no matter how bloody. Manafort has begun selling you out as well. Oh, or did you think prosecutors have suddenly moved to release him on bail for no reason? Manafort wants to get out of prison in time to spend up his blood money, and the only way he can do it is to sell you out as callously as you’ve spent your life selling others out.

Just wait, Donald Trump, until this mess lurches even closer to you. You taught your daughter to seek out and marry the exact same kind of piece of crap that you are. His back is now against the wall as well. Do you really think for one second that Jared Kushner won’t sell you out in order to save himself? This is just getting started, Donald. You’ve surrounded yourself with bad people and you’ve taught them how to be even worse people. Of course they were going to betray you when it inevitably came down to it. Everything gets worse for you, Donald, from here.