Was Reince Priebus wearing a wire this week during his lunch meeting with Donald Trump?

During the course of Donald Trump’s Russian treason scandal, certain patterns have emerged which are too definitive to ignore. For instance, each time we figure out that a former Trump adviser has flipped on him, we then learn that the adviser in question has just met with Trump for no good reason. This time it’s former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, and it raises questions about just how cleverly Special Counsel Robert Mueller may be playing Trump.

Earlier this week we learned that White House Counsel Don McGahn gave Mueller documents months ago which prove Donald Trump guilty of obstruction of justice (link). This means McGahn has to have flipped on Trump. Because McGahn and Reince Priebus have the same attorney representing them in the Russia scandal, that in turn means Priebus has probably flipped on Trump months ago as well, around the time he was interviewed by Mueller. Now, like clockwork, we’re learning that Priebus just had lunch with Trump this week.

The official reason for the meeting was that Priebus wanted to discuss the 2018 congressional elections, according to The Hill (link). Are we really supposed to believe that Priebus, who is now the president of a private law firm, suddenly decided he wanted to go help Trump with a set of elections that don’t take place for another eleven months? Of course not.

Instead, this sounds like the kind of excuse Reince Priebus would come up with if he were looking to be alone in a room with Donald Trump. All it would take is a bit of personal flattery to make the meeting happen. If Priebus really has cut a deal, and it sure looks like he has, then his only motivation for taking the meeting would be as a spy for Mueller. In such case he would probably have been wearing a wire. Why now? Mueller is putting the finishing touches on his obstruction case against Trump.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report