Why the mainstream media is suddenly bullshitting you again about Donald Trump

Just after Michael Flynn cut a plea deal, and just before the Republican Senate voted to pass the tax bill, I predicted that the mainstream media was about to begin bullshitting you about Donald Trump. Now that Trump’s demise is all but assured by Flynn, the media doesn’t want you to figure out that the outcome is already assured – because then you’ll change the channel and go watch football. Sadly, the mainstream media is quickly proving me right.

First, let’s be clear about why Trump is now hosed. He’s spent all year doing everything he could to try to prevent the scenario in which Flynn ended up cutting a deal against him. Trump fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates specifically to try to protect Flynn, because he didn’t want to have to fire Flynn, knowing it would end up leading to this. Trump illegally asked FBI Director James Comey to let Flynn off the hook, because he was so afraid of this scenario.

Trump has consistently demonstrated that he’s known all along that Flynn can take him down in devastating fashion. Trump has done virtually nothing to try to prevent Paul Manafort or Carter Page or Rick Gates from flipping on him, because he doesn’t fear what those people know about him. He explicitly fears Flynn. It’s likely that Flynn has evidence to take Trump down, and evidence to take Jared Kushner down. The latter would cause Kushner to flip on Trump, which would be even more devastating for Trump. So yeah, Flynn’s deal is the decisive fourth-quarter touchdown score that assures the outcome of the game. But don’t dare tell the mainstream media that this week.

For instance, The Atlantic – a formerly reputable political news outlet that’s dissolved into clickbait abyss over the past few years – just published an article claiming that the odds of Trump’s impeachment have gone down. Why? Because they want to scare you into believing that Trump is going to survive this after all. That way you’ll keep paying attention to political news. Half a dozen other name brand news outlets, most of them liberal leaning, are suddenly pulling the same nonsense this week. It’s a matter of self preservation. It’s also bullshit.

By the way, the tax bill means that the Republican Congress has less reason to continue propping Trump up, not more. The day Michael Flynn’s plea deal was announced, they frantically rammed through a half-finished tax bill that very same night. There’s a reason for that. They know Flynn has destroyed Trump, and the clock is ticking on Trump’s ouster. Now that the tax bill is basically in the bag, they don’t have to prop him up anymore. But the mainstream media doesn’t want to tell you any of this – for the same reason the football announcer on television doesn’t want to admit that the game is over with five minutes still left on the clock.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report