White House aides admit Donald Trump went berserk over the Women’s March

It’s not a surprise to hear that the fragile, egoistical Donald Trump went out of his mind after he saw the sheer size of the Women’s March protests against him on television. It is something of a surprise to be hearing it from Trump’s own White House aides, who on day four of his administration are already leaking embarrassing details about him to the public, presumably in an attempt to make sure they don’t get blamed for his antics. But it turns Trump went totally berserk.

After Donald Trump saw on television that the Women’s Marches in Washington and elsewhere were drawing vastly larger crowds than had turned out for his inauguration the day before, he became “visibly enraged” and demanded that press secretary Sean Spicer — who was still unpacking boxes in his bran new office — go out and make an immediate statement denying that inauguration crowds were as small as they were. This may explain why Spicer looked disheveled and was wearing an oversized suit that didn’t even appear to belong to him.


This is according to a new Washington Post report, which is based on the recounting of some of Trump’s own White House aides. In other words, they want the public to know that Trump’s crowd size stunt wasn’t their fault.

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