Well, we’re in it now

If the stakes weren’t high enough already, they just got even higher. Even as Donald Trump continues to evolve into mid-period Adolf Hitler before our eyes, and the forces working to take him down are moving in on him more closely than ever, now things are even more complicated. The Supreme Court decided yesterday not to reign in Trump’s racist and sexist policies, essentially arguing that immoral does not mean unconstitutional. So now what?

It means even more is on the line. I don’t know what to tell the Muslims and the women whose fundamental rights were so egregiously violated yesterday by one of the most horrid decisions in the flawed history of the Supreme Court. All I know is that I now have more fight in me than ever. The fight was already about saving democracy from a traitor who rigged the election in his favor, and who has no respect for the rule of law. It was already about liberating the immigrant kids who have been taken hostage by that traitor. But it’s something else now too.

Yesterday’s rulings tell us nothing about how the Supreme Court will rule if Robert Mueller tries to indict Donald Trump while he’s still in office, or if Trump tries to pardon himself. At this point most swing votes come down to Justice Anthony Kennedy, who lately seems to be consulting a Magic Eight Ball before casting his vote. My guess is that Kennedy, a fundamentally decent if painfully unintelligent figure (sorry but it’s true), will end up siding with us when it comes to Trump’s ouster. But yesterday’s rulings do seem to tell us that Kennedy is hesitant to overrule Trump’s unconstitutional political policies in the mean time.

So now we know what our fight is really about: everything is on the line. If we use the tools available to us, from winning the midterms to massive peaceful protest, Donald Trump will be ousted. If we fail to make use of what we have, Trump will have a free pass to crap all over America with his evil policies, until Robert Mueller can finish him off.

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