Looks like Robert Mueller’s meeting with Donald Trump’s lawyers didn’t go well for Donald Trump

This week the mainstream media told us loudly and repeatedly that Donald Trump was about to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which predictably turned out to be a baseless ratings grab. The media also told us the real story more quietly, which was that Mueller was set to meet with Trump’s lawyers late in the week. Suffice it to say that the meeting in question – assuming it even took place – did not go particularly well for Trump’s side.

As Palmer Report pointed out last night, there has still been zero reporting on whether that meeting even ended up taking place. Even more oddly, the mainstream media isn’t even publicly asking questions about the supposed meeting. Have they dropped the entire storyline altogether, for fear of reminding viewers that they were just subjected to an entire week of silly “Trump is about to fire Mueller” headlines? In any case, we’re now getting our first signals about the meeting, and they’re coming from Trump himself.

This afternoon Trump posted a seethingly angry tweet about FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and vaguely threatened to take away McCabe’s pension if he testifies as a witness in the obstruction of justice case against Trump. Then Trump began ranting about Roy Moore and special elections, while attacking the media and other assorted nonsense. It’s clear that Trump is far more agitated today than usual. It sure sounds like he didn’t get the answers from his attorneys that he was hoping for. Still, important questions remain about the meeting between Mueller and Trump’s attorneys.

For starters, did the meeting even take place? Was it ever supposed to have taken place, or was that also baseless media hype? If the meeting was supposed to take place, and then it got canceled, what went wrong? Perhaps most relevantly, what did Donald Trump’s attorneys tell him today that sent him into an explosive Twitter rage this afternoon?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report