This is the week Robert Mueller rips Donald Trump’s White House apart

Here it is, the week you’ve been waiting for. Donald Trump’s demise was always going to be a result of his own top people being forced to flip on him in order to save their own skin. If you’ve been waiting for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to start setting those people’s lives on fire to see how they react, this is that week. Mueller is about to tear Trump’s White House apart in order to get to him.

Mueller’s “interviews” with Trump’s top White House staffers are set to begin later this week, according to a new CNN report (link). We use the word “interviews” in quotes because that’s largely just a euphemism for what these folks will truly be subjected to. If they lie to try to protect themselves or Trump, that’s a crime. If they fail to be forthcoming, that’s obstruction, also a crime. And that’s when the fun begins – just not for them.

Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort, a hardened individual whose entire professional life has been a series of serious alleged crimes, is still trying to decide whether he wants to flip on Trump or spitefully die in prison. But now Mueller is going after softer targets. Does anyone think that folks like Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus are willing to go to prison? So they’ll fess up in one way or another. But it’s not just that they’ll give Trump up. It’s how they’ll quickly come to view each other.

Earlier this month there was already scattered reporting that some of Trump’s White House senior advisers were showing up to work each day in fear that their co-workers might be wearing a wire for Robert Mueller. Once these interviews begin, they’ll trust each other even less. Paranoia will become the only rule. Mueller will have ripped Trump’s White House apart simply by “interviewing” these people. The chaos will be off the charts, and the collapse will be underway. Contribute to Palmer Report

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