We told you John Kelly was on his way out the door

There are times when Palmer Report gets ahead of the mainstream media on a major story. Regular readers know it when they see it, and they appreciate it. Outside skeptics aren’t sure what to make of it, until we’re ultimately proven correct on the story. Throughout the week, Palmer Report has been pointing to the signs that John Kelly is on his way out of the Donald Trump administration. Sure enough, CNN is now reporting the same thing.

Palmer Report pointed to three key pieces of evidence as to why it was clear Kelly was inching (or being marched) toward the door. The first was a report that he’d been booted off an Air Force One flight this week at the last minute (link). This was tweeted by a Bloomberg reporter, but for some reason it never penetrated the mainstream media. The second sign was an insider report from the Democratic Coalition that said three Capitol Hill sources believed Kelly was a goner (link). The third sign was a leak about Kelly’s private cellphone having been embarrassingly hacked over the summer (link), which was rather conveniently timed to make him look bad.

Now, as of Friday night, CNN is reporting that – surprise – John Kelly does indeed have one foot out the door (link). CNN’s report doesn’t touch on any of the evidence we’ve presented, and instead paints Kelly as being at his breaking point due to Trump’s absurd feud with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. But it helps confirm what Palmer Report has been reporting all week: Kelly is indeed on his way out.

This does not mean that John Kelly will resign tomorrow, or even that he’ll necessarily resign at all. People can be on their way out, only to have things turn around, patch things up, and find their way back into the mix after all. But the upshot is this: Palmer Report isn’t just pulling this stuff out of thin air. We also reported a month ago that Facebook employees were embedded inside the Trump campaign – a story that the mainstream media is just now reporting. The question isn’t why Palmer Report is early to these stories. The question is why the mainstream media is often so willfully late.

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