John McCain declares nominee-blocking, subpoena-hurling war against Donald Trump

Two days after John McCain launched a war of words against “half baked” and “unpatriotic” Donald Trump, the Senator is now launching a war of actions against Trump as well. McCain has clearly lost all patience with Trump due to a number of increasingly egregious issues, and he’s now making concrete moves which could serve to bring the entire Trump administration to a grinding halt so he can rip it to pieces.

John McCain is outraged at a number of Donald Trump’s latest moves, including Trump’s refusal to address election cybersecurity concerns, and Trump’s deplorable treatment of the families of the four U.S. soldiers who were killed in Niger. But the primary focus of McCain’s anger is the military operation in Niger itself, for which Trump and his administration have provided no explanation. No one knows what our troops were doing there, or how or why they died. McCain is throwing down the gauntlet.

McCain told reporters today that he’ll be using everything from subpoenas to the blocking of Trump’s Department of Defense nominations in order to force the administration to cough up answers (link). This serves as a reminder of just how much individual power individual Senators have when it comes to standing in the way of White House business, and a reminder that McCain has the kind of political capital to get away with using it.

It turns out John McCain isn’t stopping with just the Niger scandal. He’s also preparing to block Donald Trump’s nominations across the board until the Trump administration finally implements the new sanctions against Russia that were signed into law two and a half months ago. But it becomes more clear just how far Trump has gone to try to cover up what really happened in Niger, the scandal is coming more front and center by the day.