Donald Trump announces that he’s the real victim in Puerto Rico crisis

Millions of United States citizens in Puerto Rico are without electricity, food, water or shelter in the wake of a devastating hurricane and its aftermath. Many have lost their homes. Some have lost their lives. It took Donald Trump two weeks to even pretend to care about the crisis. Now he’s complaining about how unfairly he’s being treated in the Puerto Rico crisis.

Trump never even so much as mentioned Puerto Rico until Hillary Clinton called him out for it during an appearance on MSNBC this week. Twenty minutes later, Trump suddenly began tweeting about Puerto Rico. Clinton demanded that Trump send a Navy hospital ship to the island, and sure enough, he took her up on the idea. But few are impressed with how little interest or competence Trump has displayed during the crisis. So now he’s making it all about him.

On Thursday evening Trump tweeted “FEMA & First Responders are doing a GREAT job in Puerto Rico. Massive food & water delivered. Docks & electric grid dead. Locals trying really hard to help but many have lost their homes. Military is now on site and I will be there Tuesday. Wish press would treat fairly!” That’s right, he’s complaining about how he’s being treated by the media, as if he’s the primary victim in this devastating American crisis.

Back in the real world it took Donald Trump two weeks to waive the Jones Act to in order to facilitate Puerto Rico relief efforts, because his cronies in the shipping industry didn’t want him to do it. Since the Puerto Rico crisis began, he’s spent most of his time picking fights with famous black athletes on Twitter. When he does occasionally lift a finger to help Puerto Rico, it’s only after Hillary Clinton tells him what to do – because he’s just that inept. But in Trump’s mind, he’s the real victim here.