Here comes Donald Trump’s ultimate meltdown

So it finally happened tonight. One of Donald Trump’s top former advisers revealed that he’s negotiating a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, meaning that what’s left of Trump’s house of cards is about to be torn to pieces. It explains why Trump has been overly eager to distract us for the past few days by randomly attacking everyone he could think of. It also means we’re about to see Trump’s ultimate meltdown any minute now.

The New York Times is reporting on Thursday evening that Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser and key campaign adviser Michael Flynn is in the process of cutting a deal against Trump. It’s likely that the NY Times tipped off Trump a few days in advance by asking his White House advance comment on the story. This would explain why Trump has attacked basketball father LaVar Ball, GOP Senator Jeff Flake, football star Marshawn Lynch, and LaVar Ball again over the past few days.

The news has left Trump angry and vengeful, and he’s been trying to distract the public from the real story he’s known was coming. But now the story is officially in the wind. Not only is Michael Flynn about to sell out all of their shared dirty Trump-Russia secrets, it’s also about to set off a feeding frenzy. Various others in the Trump campaign and Trump administration are fully aware that Flynn can take them all down, and they’ll hurry up and try to cut their own deals before Flynn’s testimony results in their arrests.

Now that the story has officially surfaced and it’s every bit as ugly as he had feared, it’s about to become all too real for Donald Trump. He knows he’s screwed, he knows it’s a matter of time before he’s taken down, and we’re about to see his most unhinged meltdown yet.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report