Here comes Donald Trump’s ultimate berserk meltdown

Plenty of people have meltdowns, big or small, and we don’t usually see it because they tend to do it behind closed doors. On occasion we’ll witness someone we know melt down in front of us, or a public figure melt down in the public eye. Then there’s the case of Donald Trump, who’s so unstable and out of control that he routinely meltdown in front of all of us. But you ain’t seen nothing yet.

By nearly any measure, things are now worse for Donald Trump than at any point in his presidency, and perhaps in his life. He now surely regrets having gone into politics, having gotten in bed with the Russians, all of it. His campaign chairman is under house arrest. Another campaign adviser has pleaded guilty as part of a confession deal whose sole purpose is to expose Trump’s crimes. Dominoes are falling left and right. Additional plea deals are likely being cut behind the scenes that neither the public, nor Trump, knows about. Throughout all of this, Trump doesn’t even have his favorite method available for blowing off steam.

If you check Donald Trump’s tweets since he departed on his Asia trip, most of them are official postings. Among the few tweets that are supposedly from Trump himself, they’re so guarded in nature that they were written under the supervision of his handlers, or written by his handlers. In other words, he can’t even rage-tweet his anger right now, because he’s subject to 24/7 handholding while he’s traveling. This means that as things continue to get worse for Donald Trump by the day, and as his rage continues to build up inside because he’s not allowed to tweet his cathartically toxic garbage, we’re looking at an eventual explosive meltdown from him the likes of which we’ve never previously imagined.

This guy’s meltdowns are already beyond the pale. Once he’s able to tweet unsupervised again, whether it be after he returns home or during a rebellious moment while traveling, we’ll be looking at the kind of unhinged ugliness that’ll make his previous meltdowns look like a walk in the park. Of course at this point, additional unstable behavior will only serve to march Trump all that much closer to the exit door.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report