Even Donald Trump’s staff knows he’s committing political suicide

The optimists among Donald Trump’s base, and the pessimists among Trump’s detractors, have convinced themselves that he’s somehow getting away with all of his antics and scandals. They’re certain that his six-gun approach to the Russia scandal, which has involved making up a new lie about it each week and firing everyone who’s in position to expose the truth, is just crazy enough to work. But one need look no further than Trump’s own petrified staff to see that no such deviously brilliant strategy exists.

After Donald Trump’s friend revealed that Trump was thinking about firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the Democrats double dog dared him to do it, while the Republicans publicly begged him not to. Why? It would have assured, with absolute certainly, his already near-certain eventual demise. Moreover, it would have backed the Republicans in Congress into a corner where, just to avoid having an albatross hung around their necks in the midterm races, they’d have had to reluctantly appoint Mueller as a more powerful Independent Counsel so that he could continue his investigation.

But now comes word that Trump won’t try to fire Robert Mueller after all, and only because his own White House senior staff spent the day begging him not to, according to the NY Times (link). The inference is obvious enough: even Trump’s own staff knows that he’s on a path to self destruction – and they know that if they can’t stop him from committing political suicide, they’ll end up out of a job just as surely as he will.

So no, Donald Trump hasn’t gotten away with any of this. His staff would have tried to stop him from firing FBI Director James Comey if they’d known in advance that he was planning to do it. And now they’re begging him not to fire Robert Mueller, because they know Trump is circling the drain as it is. Take it from his own staff: Donald Trump’s presidency has one foot in the grave, and he’s digging as quickly as he can. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report.

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