Donald Trump’s sons are in a race to out-idiot each other

Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump is so widely regarded as the “dumb one” that Saturday Night Live routinely portrays him as being too stupid to understand anything that his brother Donald Trump Jr is saying. However, as the Trump-Russia scandal has unfolded, the evidence has suggested that Junior might truly be the dumber one of the two, thanks to the legal messes he’s stupidly gotten himself into.

By now we all know the story of Donald Trump Jr having stupidly gotten involved in a meeting with Kremlin representatives at Trump Tower during the election, then having lied about the true nature of the meeting once he got caught. Just as it appeared Junior was going to win the “Dumbest Trump Son” award, his brother Eric found himself in a whole new heap of trouble. It was revealed this summer that Donald Trump was essentially stealing money from Eric Trump’s cancer charity for kids, and that Eric knew about it, and lied about it to would-be donors.

But now Donald Trump Jr appears to have found a way to pull back into the lead. Over the past week it’s been revealed that he’d been coordinating with Russian-controlled cyberterrorist outfit WikiLeaks during the election, and that he’d met with an alleged Russian mobster during the election. So much for the Trump Tower meeting having been a one-time mistake; Junior’s consistent communications with the Russians during the election almost make him sound like the world’s worst mastermind.

Donald Trump had better hope that his young son Barron grows up to be something special, because at it stands, his legacy is in some pretty weak hands. Between Donald Trump Jr’s treason and Eric Trump’s charity scam, the only question may be which of Trump’s two adult sons ends up in prison first. Perhaps they can share a cell with their father.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report