Donald Trump’s lawyer scapegoats Secret Service, giving away that Trump was probably at Russia meeting

Donald Trump’s bumbling lawyer Jay Sekulow appeared on live national television today and tried making the argument that if Donald Trump Jr. had been doing anything illegal in his meeting with the Kremlin, the Secret Service would have stepped in and stopped it. That’s a nonsensical argument on just about every level – most of all because Donald Trump Jr. didn’t have Secret Service protection that early on in the election. In fact only one person in the Trump campaign did.

That’s right, Donald Trump’s lawyer probably just gave away that Donald Trump himself was indeed in attendance at his son’s Russia collusion meeting. Think about how Trump and his lawyer would have come up with this new and weird defense. They’d have been brainstorming, and Trump would have mentioned that when he was in the meeting, his Secret Service agents didn’t try to stop it. And then Trump’s lawyer, not being particularly smart about things, would have said “There’s our defense. We’ll just say that the Secret Service didn’t intervene.”

To be clear, the Secret Service would not have intervened in such a thing. Their job is to physically protect the candidate, not to act as general crime fighters. If the candidate was crossing a clear and immediate legal line by punching a protester, or plotting to blow up a bridge, perhaps they’d intervene to stop it. They surely have policies in place for these kinds of hypotheticals. But it wouldn’t be their job to make a judgment call about whether a conversation between the candidate and representatives of a foreign government crosses the technical legal line of collusion.

Again, the only possible way the Secret Service could have been in attendance at this Russia meeting is if Donald Trump himself was also in attendance. So the fact that Trump’s lawyer has invoked them is a giveaway that Trump probably was at that meeting. Now we just have to follow that trail and prove it. If you find Palmer Report valuable, make a donation.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report