Donald Trump can’t be bothered to look up from his golf game after three U.S. solders die in Afghanistan

After he spent Friday plunging the United States further into a Constitutional crisis by making threats against the former FBI Director in a manner which represented yet another instance of obstruction of justice on his part, Donald Trump did what he does nearly every weekend: he headed to one of his own resorts in order to play golf while doing nothing of any value to the American people. Then things got real.

The news broke on Saturday afternoon that three U.S. soldiers had been killed in Afghanistan in a tragic and confusing manner (link). They were apparently shot by a member of Afghanistan’s military, which was supposed to have been conducting a joint operation with the U.S. military. So how did Donald Trump respond to this deadly international incident which required immediate attention? By saying, and apparently doing, absolutely nothing.

Four hours after the news first broke, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer finally stepped up and posted the following on Twitter: “3 U.S. soldiers were killed in eastern Afghanistan today. One was wounded & evacuated for medical treatment. Our prayers go out to them” (link). In so doing, Spicer belatedly delivered the kind of message that Donald Trump should have immediately delivered. Instead, Trump apparently couldn’t be bothered to look up from his golf game long enough to even so much as publicly acknowledge the matter, let alone deal with the fallout.

In short, there is no President of the United States. It’s becoming more clear by the day that Donald Trump was illegitimately installed in the office by the Russian government, and it’s becoming equally clear that he has no interest in doing the job. Instead he’s merely using the office to commit one crime and constitutional violation after another, while forcing Americans to pay for his nonstop golf vacations. Not only is Trump is an anti-American traitor, so is every Republican in Congress who’s refusing to impeach and remove him. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter.

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