In the Trump era, insanity rules

In what sane world would it be a good idea to arm teachers? It is NOT and NEVER will be a good idea to arm teachers. We’ve all read the commentary in opposition to one of the goofiest ideas any thinking person could offer. I’m happy to see so much public outcry. I’m happy to see the kids from Parkland and many other high schools come together with common sense sadly lacking in their elders. But Donald Trump’s in charge so I’m afraid insanity might rule.

The restriction on the sale of the AK-15 and any related items should be a no-brainer. They exist for wars thus the death of the target is assured. The bullet will shatter organs and bones, guaranteed. What about the mass shootings with AK-15’s (and related items) have happened in public gatherings, other than schools. Churches, theaters, concerts, urban neighborhoods, grocery stores, every place where a few people may share time and space, have all been targets.

Arming teachers to prevent mass shootings in schools simply does not offer a solution to all the terrible shootings. What kind of teacher would it take to be ready to grab a hand gun (easier to conceal), race into the line of fire from an AK-15, attempt to shoot the gunman and kill him, without getting killed? An insane teacher.

This bad guy/good guy gun battle the NRA spews as the answer to any argument is just plain, old bullshit. It’s meant to unite idiots who can not think for themselves. When it comes to applying that slogan to the AK-15, it just describes a gun fight with no winner. What the hell? Common sense has escaped our lawmakers and their main contributors.

Each day: Show kindness, be grateful, learn something new, be moved to tears and make a difference.