Trump cabinet member Tom Price, caught up in corruption scandal, wishes he had this tweet back

Donald Trump’s Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has been caught up in a financial corruption scandal for the ages. He’s been running up a four hundred thousand dollar tab for taxpayers by needlessly chartering planes. Now the American public is in an uproar, Democrats in Congress are trying to oust Price, and Trump is showing his usual lack of leadership. An old tweet from Price’s past makes him look even worse within the context of his scandal.

Here’s what Tom Price tweeted back in 2010:

Price offered no evidence to back up his claims. Now that he’s in a position of power, he’s the one who’s single handedly running up the deficit.

Donald Trump’s cabinet has been a disaster thus far. But that’s to be expected. For the most part, Trump picked the most unsuitable and/or corrupt people he could find, many of whom he owed personal favors to. Instead of draining the swamp as promised, Trump has taken the swamp to new depths.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report