Today could be Donald Trump’s worst day yet

You’re Donald Trump. You’ve spent the past two years making enemies out of the left, the past six months chasing away the middle, and the past six days alienating much of the right. The only people still sticking up for you are Nazis and white supremacists. You tried to pick a fight with your own party yesterday and promptly lost. Now guess what? Today might end up being even worse for you, Donald, and in fact your worst day yet.

Nervous Republicans in Congress have been sitting around for months, checking approval rating polls, and hoping that Trump somehow remains in the thirties. That’s dead presidency walking territory, but it’s not quite house on fire territory. The GOP’s worst fear is that a poll pops up with Trump in the twenties, and then suddenly they have to decide how to hit the panic button before their midterm prospects permanently implode. But now that Trump has gone full white supremacist and declared war on his own party in the same week, the game is all changed.

Trump tried calling for Republican Senator Jeff Flake to lose his seat today. It was a trial balloon to see if he could scare the GOP into rallying behind him. Instead, influential Republican Senator Bob Corker responded by questioning Trump’s mental stability. See, now the gloves are off. Republicans in Congress are no longer looking at this in terms of whether they can survive as a party while the Trump albatross is hanging around their necks. Now they’re looking at it in terms of Trump being an enemy who’s trying to take them out.

What we’re going to see in short order, probably starting today, is a series of Republicans in Congress taking shots at him one after another in rapid succession. Trump’s weakness is that he’ll attack the first person who comes after him, but then he backs off. We saw it as CEOs began resigning from his committee this week. There’s safety in numbers when opposing Donald Trump. And now that he’s forcing the GOP to take him on, things are going to get very ugly for him today. If you find Palmer Report valuable, make a donation.

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