Republican Senate gives away that it thinks Donald Trump’s time is very short

Even as the Republican Congress has been trying to prop up a sinking Donald Trump in the hope that he’ll last long enough for them to pass their tax scam for the wealthy, an entirely different undercurrent has been brewing beneath it all. Michael Flynn has decided to cut a devastating plea deal against Trump, which will expose many of the deepest Trump-Russia secrets, suggesting that Trump’s remaining time may be short. On Thursday night, the Republican Congress gave away that it’s of the same belief.

Just as the Republican Senate was preparing to hold a full vote on its tax bill, it suddenly realized that it didn’t have the votes, and canceled the vote. Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein confirmed as much via her Twitter account (link), and she urged the public to continue to call wavering Republican Senators on the phone. This means that the GOP Senate never had the votes to begin with, and that it rushed the bill out of committee this week without knowing whether it had the votes. There is only one reason to have done this.

The Republican Party clearly believes it’s in a race against time to get this bill passed while it still can. This is despite the fact that the Republicans will continue to have majority control over Congress for another year. The only possible explanation for the GOP’s reckless haste on the tax bill is that it believes Donald Trump’s presidency is about to become so untenable that the focus will have to shift to his impending ouster, thus preventing the GOP from being able to pass any of its partisan legislation.

In turn, there’s only one reason for the Republican Party to believe that Donald Trump’s time is short: it thinks something is about to publicly surface that’s going to change the entire narrative. Some Republican Senators have access to classified information that we don’t. Do they have reason to believe that something is about to hit the newswires? It could be anything from the Pee Pee Tape to the evidence that Michael Flynn has been sitting on. But the GOP sure does suddenly think that Trump’s time has grown very short.

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