This is just embarrassing

Today, on September 11, 2018, there is a very specific and pervasive sadness. Not one year goes by when I don’t remember what I was doing on that morning. I think it was a Tuesday. I brought my oldest child to school and returned home to receive a message from a friend that I should turn on the TV. She had been calling her husband who worked at Kantor Fitzgerald. The early morning argument they had about garbage or whatever, was the last word she had with her husband, her friend, the father of their children.

It seems to rain every September 11th. Today is an especially sad memorial to that day. The years that followed were filled with memories of heroes who dug out remains, cared for the sick, never thought of the potential risks they faced, Hillary Clinton among them, as she held the hands and followed up with victims for many years to come.

Today, we face a very dark period in history where the President of the United States holds as truth, that he could see from where he was, and that many friends saw, that Muslims were cheering as the Towers fell. There is not one shred of evidence to back this up. There is not one corroborating story. We only have the words of our POTUS who used the saddest and most deadly day in American History, to validate his sick, lying perspective.

As the clock ticked away this morning, Donald Trump embarrassed America by pumping his fists when he arrived to give a 9/11 memorial speech, as if this was all about celebrating him. His mere existence in the White House is a disgrace. One can only look at the facts, real true facts, not fake facts or alternative facts, to see what Trump and Clinton did on that day, 17 years ago. I am embarrassed as an American.

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