There’s only one thing Donald Trump can do now

Dear Donald Trump: it’s over. Just resign. You only got into politics so you could stroke your own ego, set up your next fraudulent business venture, and settle your debt to the Russians. Next thing you knew, you were accidentally President of the United States. You’re uniquely unsuited and unqualified for this. You’ve only gotten this far by appealing to the lowest and most unstable of bottom feeders in this country – and now look what you’ve done.

That’s right, Donald Trump, these bombs today are your fault. You know what all of the intended targets have in common? They’re all people you’ve falsely accused of crimes. You’ve told your mentally deranged base that these specific Democrats are dangerous criminals when you know it’s a lie. Are you supposed to be surprised that one or more of your crazies is now trying to assassinate them?

You’re already going to prison, Donald. It’s going to happen. You’re facing dozens if not hundreds of separate felony charges, on the federal and state level, for crimes ranging from conspiracy against the United States to money laundering to obstruction of justice on down. You will go to prison – and you will never get out. The only question, Donald, is how you choose to leave office. Your legacy is already that of a career criminal, a traitor, and the worst and most despised excuse for a “President” in American history.

Donald Trump, you will rank as the worst person in the history of the United States. That much has already been written. Your life is over; your next residence will be solitary confinement. But how much further into the gutter do you want to take this? If you keep holding these deranged rallies, if you keep feeding dangerous lies to these mentally unstable domestic terrorists who comprise your support base, you’re going to get a lot of people killed. You nearly got two former U.S. Presidents assassinated today. Yes, you. Do you want to be remembered as someone closer to Richard Nixon, or someone closer to Adolf Hitler? For once in your miserable life, you scumbag, please choose wisely.