Senile Donald Trump brags that he only represents “rich people” – then incoherently babbles about Putin

All along, Donald Trump and the Republican Party have been pushing tax cuts that are rather blatantly aimed at benefiting the wealthy, and no one else – even as they’ve falsely claimed it somehow benefits the middle class. But now, in the latest sign that Trump has gone completely senile, he flat out admitted today that the tax cuts are only for “rich people – and then he began babbling incoherently about Vladimir Putin.

Trump spoke with Fox Business network host Maria Bartiromo, who asked him about the planned tax cuts. Trump inexplicably blurted out “It’s about me representing rich people. Representing – being representative of rich people.” Then he randomly brought up New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, as he was apparently the first wealthy person who popped into Trump’s mind: “Very interesting to me, Bob Kraft was down. He was very nice. He owns the Patriots. He gave me a Super Bowl ring a month ago.”

That’s when Bartiromo brought up the fact that Vladimir Putin once stole Kraft’s Super Bowl ring. Trump responded that Putin’s theft of Kraft’s ring was “very nice. That’s right. But he left this beautiful ring and I immediately gave it to the White House and they put it some place and that’s the way it is.” No really, he said all of this nonsense. There’s a transcript (link). What in the hell is this idiot even talking about?

The Republican Congress has been desperate to keep up the illusion that these tax cuts for the rich are instead somehow for the middle class. Donald Trump just blew up that strategy by absentmindedly admitting that the tax cuts are indeed only for the rich. Then he said three times that he represents rich people. Then he said he thought it was “very nice” that his boss Vladimir Putin stole a Super Bowl ring. Trump clearly needs immediate professional medical attention.

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