Taking advantage of Trump-Flynn meltdown, Russia places spy ship off coast of Delaware

Vladimir Putin’s goal in installing Donald Trump into the White House was never about controlling the United States, but instead about destabilizing it – and that was always going to inevitably mean destabilizing the Trump regime itself. Just half a day after Russian-tainted National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was forced to resign, Putin is now taking advantage of that chaos by placing a Russian spy ship off the coast of Delaware.

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The Russian spy ship is easily visible, not even trying to disguise its presence, according to CBS News. And it’s about seventy miles off the coast of Delaware according to the less reliable Fox News, which would place it in international waters — meaning that the vessel is not technically trespassing in United States territory. It’s also not close enough to launch any kind of attack on the U.S., and instead appears to have been strategically positioned merely to send a message.

What is that message precisely? That’s anyone’s guess. Is this Vladimir Putin’s way of signaling to Americans that he now controls their nation’s Executive Branch? Is it Putin’s way of reminding Donald Trump of who’s really in charge in their relationship? In any case, the timing and the symbolism are unmistakable in the larger sense: Michael Flynn just went down over the Trump-Russia scandal, and now appears to be in grave danger of going down for it himself — and despite public perception to the contrary, that may be precisely what Putin wants.

Putin’s ultimate goal appears to be to destabilize the west such that there’s no one in a position to stop him from annexing the remainder of the Ukraine, or the former Soviet bloc nations in Eastern Europe, or whatever other prizes he has his eye on. The more unstable and chaotic the United States government becomes, the easier it becomes for Putin to carry out that goal.

The only thing more unstable for the U.S. than Trump in the White House, is a scandalized Trump in the White House whom everyone in America knows is compromised by RussiaTrump is a puppet.

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