Donald Trump Jr reveals he’s too stupid to understand what’s about to happen to him

Now that Michael Flynn has cut a plea deal in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, everyone in the Trump family should be quaking in their boots. Flynn wouldn’t have been given this deal unless he had compelling evidence that people along the lines of Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, and Donald Trump Jr participated in serious crimes. Based on his own words today, it appears Trump Jr is simply too stupid to understand what’s about to happen to him and his family next.

Serious observers on all sides understand that Flynn pleaded guilty to a single reduced felony count of lying to the FBI about his phone calls to the Russian Ambassador during the transition period because he gave up serious evidence about more important targets in return. Flynn was potentially facing life in prison on charges ranging from conspiracy to commit kidnapping to conspiracy against the United States. Those charges only magically went away because Flynn is helping Special Counsel Robert Mueller to nail Donald Trump and his family. But don’t tell that to Junior.

Donald Trump Jr retweeted this today, after one of his followers posted it: “I was promised treasonous collusion with Russia to steal an election, not diplomatic groundwork by an incoming admin.” Let’s look past the fact that Junior is apparently too ignorant to understand that Flynn’s phone calls to Russia about sanctions during the transition period were a violation of the Logan Act and thus a serious crime. The Trump team held absolutely no executive power during the transition period, and therefore conspired against the United States by working with Russia to sabotage President Obama’s sanctions while Obama was still in office. But it gets dumber.

From the looks of it, Donald Trump Jr may be under the idiotic impression that the other charges against Michael Flynn went away because there wasn’t anything to them. Does he honestly not understand how plea deals work? Perhaps he’s trying to set up a stupidity defense for when Robert Mueller eventually arrests him based on the evidence that Flynn has provided.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report