The Stormy Daniels presidency

One of the odd developments this year has been how the Me Too movement has taken hold and given strength to the Resistance, yet seems to not have affected Donald Trump’s popularity. 22 women have accused our President, pornstars have accused him. A dossier claims that he was involved in a deviant sex act in a hotel with five Russian prostitutes, And yet Congressmen, Hollywood actors, producers, business leaders and other notable figures have been taken down one after another, but oddly Trump doesn’t seem to be affected.

Evangelical leaders have even seemed defiant in light of the accusations that continue to come out about the President, often citing biblical passages about forgiveness or godliness. And when asked they will say: President Trump has fulfilled all of our expectations. How can that be? How can it be that a President who has accomplished so little has fulfilled all of the expectations of evangelicals?

Because the only expectations were that he would overturn Roe vs Wade if given the chance, and he would overturn gay rights. The Evangelical world is betting on this President to outlaw abortion and to send the LGBT community back into hiding. It doesn’t matter what Trump does on a personal level. The base of the Trump movement doesn’t care what deviant behavior he has been involved with. They only care about what he has promised.

Donald Trump once said that he could shoot someone on 5th Ave in New York and he wouldn’t lose any support. The question I have is if Mueller is successful in taking down this Presidency, and all the crimes are exposed, how will the Evangelical right wing react to this? Stay tuned. The Stormy Daniels Presidency may have new embarrassments about to be revealed.

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