Stephen Miller goes rogue against Donald Trump

What happens when Donald Trump runs for president on a racist platform, aligns himself with racists in congress, fills his White House with racists, spends his first eight months in office openly promoting racism, and then suddenly flip flops on a core racist issue? The pushback from his base and allies is arriving with a rather harsh thud. In fact it’s rocked Trump’s racists so thoroughly that even one of his own senior advisers has gone rogue over it.

You know Stephen Miller as the guy with the big forehead who periodically goes to the White House podium and says creepy racist things. He’s also the only one of Trump’s original “big three” racists to make the cut, after Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka were recently shown the door. Not surprisingly, Miller isn’t exactly taking it well now that Trump has caved to the Democrats on DACA.

In fact, buried about halfway through a long new article from Politico, we find this revelation: “Stephen Miller, an architect of Trump’s hard-line immigration policies, expressed displeasure about the development to other White House and legislative aides and strategized about what to do next, according to people familiar with the calls” (link). Wait, what does that even mean? Miller is now complaining about Trump to his colleagues, and he’s also complaining about Trump to people who work in Congress. That’s not a smart move. But it gets worse.


What exactly does it mean that Stephen Miller has “strategized about what to do next”? Does this mean he’s considering resigning? Perhaps he’s planning to go out in a blaze of glory by arm wrestling the Statue of Liberty. But in all seriousness, if you’re a White House senior adviser, you don’t go complaining about the president to congressional staffers. That’s the definition of going rogue. Miller’s exit may come soon whether he wants it to or not.

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