Donald Trump can’t find anyone, forced to retain fifty of President Obama’s top staffers

Now that we’ve learned no one wants to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration, and just about no one even wants to attend it, it turns out no one wants to work for the Trump administration either. Despite his previous insistence that he would dump every one of President Obama’s appointees the minute he was sworn in, Trump now says he’ll be keeping fifty of Obama’s most critical staffers in place.

This is, as these things go, not a good sign. Trump was adamant about wanting a clean sweep, both so he could spite President Obama, and so he could impress his supporters to whom he promised to “drain the swamp.” But now his cabinet picks are looking like they are the swamp, and because he can’t find people for top positions in the administration, Yahoo News now says he’s just going to keep Obama’s people on for an indefinite amount of time.

The irony is that some of the people being kept on, such as the Treasury Department’s anti-terrorism chief Adam Szubin, are currently working in an interim capacity as it is — because the obstructionist Republican congress refused to approve their nominations. And now, because no competent staffers want anything to do with Trump, fifty Obama staffers will be working in a Republican administration.

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