Donald Trump’s own staff panicked over his deteriorating behavior and asked Bob Corker to intervene

Republican Senator Jeff Flake is getting the bulk of the headlines today, after he delivered a blistering speech condemning Donald Trump on the Senate floor. But his fellow Republican Senator Bob Corker may have quietly delivered the most stunning news of the day with one particular detail he threw in while speaking with reporters on Capital Hill. Corker revealed just who asked him to intervene with regard to Trump’s deteriorating behavior – and the answer is stunning.

Bob Corker announced to the television cameras today that there have been “multiple occasions where the staff has asked me to please intervene. He was getting ready to do something that was really off the tracks.” This means that Donald Trump’s own staff has become so concerned with his deterioration that they’re now begging for outside Republican help. This falls in line with this month’s Vanity Fair profile, which quoted an unnamed Trump adviser as saying that Trump had “lost a step” mentally. It was yet another clear public cry for help.

After Corker criticized Trump this morning for his mental instability and dishonesty, Trump quickly proved him right with a series of bizarre tweets. Trump repeated a disproven claim about why Corker isn’t running for reelection. Then he made the juvenile claim that Corker – a popular Senator who was most recently reelected with 65% of the vote – “couldn’t get elected dog catcher.” In the process, Trump managed to spell Corker’s home state of Tennessee two different ways in the same multi-part tweet.

Even as Donald Trump was unwittingly proving Bob Corker right, it was Corker’s reveal about Trump’s staff that arguably should have made the biggest news of the day. Trump’s own staffers see him in action behind closed doors every day – and some of them have come to the conclusion that he’s dangerously out of his mind.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report