Sorry, Susan Collins, you’re full of crap

We really wanted to like Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine. She appeared to be one of the last high profile moderates remaining in the Republican Party. She seemed unafraid of splitting from her own party on important matters. Then she stunningly sided with the GOP on the most criminally corrupt piece of legislation ever passed, last December’s tax scam bill for the wealthy, throwing away her reputation and soul in the process. Now she’s making it even worse.

By voting for the tax scam, Collins helped to sabotage the Affordable Care Act. She willfully cost numerous Americans their existing access to health care. Many of them have died or will die. She and her party committed mass murder with this vote. Of course she tried to play stupid about it. She announced that the Republican Party leadership had promised her a separate vote to save the ACA, and that she believed it would happen. Yeah, right. She’s not some naive idiot. She knew that was a load of crap, she knew it would never happen, and of course it never happened. Along the way she had protesters arrested at her office, just to erase any doubt about how callously corrupt she is. But now she’s trying to play the victim.

It turns out Collins is so desperate to sell the notion that she had been betrayed by her own party, she made a point of yelling and screaming at Trump’s legislative affairs director Marc Short after the second vote never happened (link). This is just embarrassing. Unless Collins fell down and hit her head and lost most of her IQ points in the process, she’s incapable of having been naive enough to believe that Trump and Mitch McConnell were going to allow a vote to save ObamaCare. Of course Collins knew that was never going to happen. The average kindergartner knows that was never going to happen.

Susan Collins is a goddamn liar. She’s no better, and no different, than any other Republican in the Senate these days. She sold her soul, and the lives of Americans, in order to pay off her wealthy donors. Now she’s going to pay with her career. Maine is a moderate state, and we’ll still be riding a blue wave when she’s up for reelection in 2020. We can, and will, take her seat from her. We’ll make it a priority. She’s a lying fraud, and her career is going to end over this.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report