Donald Trump picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue

This weekend we witnessed the precise moment which will go down in the history books as the moment Donald Trump’s presidency died. No, it wasn’t on Friday night, when it was reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had filed criminal charges and was about to begin arresting Trump’s people. Instead, it was on Sunday morning, when Trump publicly turned into a pile of mush and literally begged for help from anyone who might be left to help him. Trump, as it were, picked the wrong moment to stop sniffing glue.

Okay, so there’s no specific evidence that Donald Trump actually sniffs glue, though his behavior often raises the question of whether he might be high on something. The point here is that Trump has officially lost his mojo. Sure, he might get back to the defiant and threatening bluster tomorrow, after he sees his pals in handcuffs on live television and flies into a bitter rage. But there’s no going back from what we saw out of him on Sunday morning: for the first time since the Trump-Russia investigation got underway, he was scared.

Trump has already clearly reached the noticeable stages of dementia, or Alzheimer’s, or whatever it is that’s been gnawing away at his cognitive abilities over the past months. It’s no longer clear that he’s consistently lucid enough to understand what’s going on. But he appeared plenty lucid on Sunday when he used Twitter to publicly address his remaining Republican allies in Congress and frantically yelled “DO SOMETHING!”

Even Donald Trump now understands, at least in one of his increasingly rare lucid moments, that the Trump-Russia scandal has progressed to the point that he can no longer think of a way out of it. He’s begging for help. He’s not going to get enough of it, and it’s too late anyway. Now even he knows it. Contribute to Palmer Report

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