The real reason Donald Trump is slurring his words and he hasn’t tweeted anything in several days

Donald Trump was slurring his words so badly during a speech yesterday, it led to national punchlines about whether his teeth may have fallen out, and it led to serious questions from reporters today during a White House press briefing. If Trump simply has dentures, then it was an irrelevant moment, beyond proving that he’s obviously flat broke or else he’d have implants. What if it’s something more? Consider that Trump hasn’t tweeted anything in his own right since at least Monday.

Sure, there have been a few tweets posted to Trump’s account this week. But most of them have been of the promotional or “official statement” variety, and we know Trump’s social media team writes those. Trump hasn’t posted one of his signature 7:30am Twitter rants since Monday. He’s since gone three days in a row without tweeting anything in the wee morning hours. Apart from a single “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” tweet at 10am yesterday, a time of day in which he’s never on Twitter, his account is fully devoid of anything that’s been posted by him. Simply put, he’s stopped tweeting.

We’ve seen this on rare occasions before, whenever he’s shellshocked by the latest developments in his scandals. But a three day Twitter absence is unprecedented for him. During that stretch, he’s only made one public appearance, and during that appearance he was slurring his words on a disturbing level. What if something has gone seriously gone wrong with his health? Moreover, what if he’s faking it?

Earlier I posed the question of whether Donald Trump may have suffered a minor stroke. I was hoping to hear from medical professionals, and I did. Some pointed to the possibility of a minor stroke. One pointed to Tardive Dyskinesia, while another suggested Transient Ischemic Attack. Yet another opined that Trump sounded like he was purposely trying to fake minor stroke symptoms.

These aren’t formal diagnoses, but rather informal assessments by medical professionals, so take it for what it’s worth. But we have to consider the very real possibility that Trump has suffered a medical calamity this week, or that he’s faking one as a pretext for resigning. He has a rally scheduled for Friday night in Pensacola, which should provide us with more answers. If he’s slurring again, or if the event is canceled, then we’ll know something is indeed afoot – particularly if he continues to stay off Twitter.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report