Shut up, you clown

There has been yet another deadly school shooting, this time in Texas, and the specter of more dead children left me at a loss for words. I truly had no idea what to say or write about it, because it’s all been said already. Then Donald Trump opened his mouth about the shooting, and let’s just say that more than a few choice words have come to my mind in response.

Shortly after the shooting happened, Trump tweeted “School shooting in Texas. Early reports not looking good. God bless all!” As far as first responses go, this was pretty stupid, but it almost sounded well meaning. Alright, I thought, let’s see what else this idiot is going to have to say on the matter. Then an hour later Trump posted a minute long speech about the shooting, vaguely promising to do everything he can to prevent this from happening again. That’s when I thought of some words of my own.

“Bullshit” was the first word that came to mind. This guy is flat out lying. After the Stoneman Douglas shooting, Trump made the same vague promise, before ultimately cowering in the face of the Russia-funded NRA. Trump is going to pull the same thing here. He’ll generically pretend to care about gun control for a day or two, then he’ll go right back to letting terrorist groups like the NRA call the shots. But it’s what Trump did after this video that truly angered me.

Just a few minutes after pretending to care about this school shooting, Donald Trump began posting a series of dishonest tweets touting his own (imaginary) accomplishments on unrelated issues. Children are needlessly dead on his watch, and he’s beating his chest. By tonight or tomorrow, he’ll be back to tweeting juvenile insults and falsely accusing his political opponents of crimes. When is this clown going to shut up?

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