The show has reached a new low

What a horrible time in American History! We have an American POTUS who does not know how to speak a word of truth. His so-called analysis of the scholarly writings and shopping for a candidate with a name brand degree has led to a scripted end that none of us should be surprised about. Although many of us might have expected more from Justice Kennedy, it appears, as CNN is reporting, that the SCOTUS pick of Kavannaugh was as pre-determined as the end of any of his reality shows.

Not that any of us truly believed Donald Trump was reading the Law Review articles of any of the nominees, or that he would even understand the pretext of any of the articles if he did. This Administration is just one sneaky deal after another. As Trump attempts to deny access to the country for anyone south of the border, he has requested 61 H-2B Visas to hire foreign workers for his posh resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Can you say hypocrite?

As the rest of the restaurant and farming industries struggle with the loss of immigrant labor, Trump will have what he needs to continue lining his pockets. The bottom line for this POTUS is whether or not any decision that he makes benefits him, or his businesses or family personally. The web of issues related to this SCOTUS pick is very tangled. Did Kennedy indeed retire in exchange for his former law clerk to take his place?

If so, what’s in it for Donald Trump? More raw meat for his base? A history of advocacy in terms of legislation preventing a sitting POTUS from being the subject of civil or criminal investigations or processes? A questionable loan granted to Trump by Kennedy’s son at Deutsche Bank? It is unclear which specific issue was the trigger for Trump. Maybe it is just mixed into the soup of dirty deals that is this POTUS’ modus operandi.

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