Senior White House official: Donald Trump’s botched Muslim ban is “Keystone Cops” fiasco

Just ten days into Donald Trump’s divisive and deeply troubled tenure, and the top aides around him are leaking negative information about him with such abandon that it seems they’re all just trying to make sure they don’t take the blame. Now that Trump’s executive order banning Muslims from seven nations from entering the U.S. resulted in total chaos and was quickly struck by a federal judge, one of his Senior White House officials is slamming the manner in which it was carried out.

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Speaking on-air on MSNBC on Sunday evening, commentator Steve Clemons revealed that a Senior White House official had told him the rollout of Trump’s Muslim ban as being “Keystone Cops” in nature. That’s a pop culture term used to disparage something for being bumbling and amateur hour to the point of self defeating ineptitude. Clemons did not reveal the name of the official who used the phrase, for obvious reasons. But it points to several problems going on in Trump’s unstable White House.

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First, the mere fact that one of Trump’s own top people is giving this kind of quote to a reporter is just the latest sign that they’re each trying to avoid taking the blame for Trump’s unpopular policies and bumbling execution. This reveals just how out of control and openly mutinous Trump’s White House has become, and it gives further credence to the anonymous rogue White House staffers who have been leaking alleged details on Twitter for the past several days.

Second, this latest leak suggests that some holding Senior positions in the White House may have little or no say in the decisions being made or the plans for carrying them out, leaving them feeling compelled to leak derisive comments about their own administration in the hope that the embarrassment might cause a shift in the power structure. Third, it confirms that the Donald Trump is an inept and unstable mess.

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