Donald Trump’s senility is even worse than we thought

In addition to whatever has been psychologically wrong with Donald Trump since the start of his foray into politics, over the past months it’s become clear that he’s now suffering from some kind of worsening senility. In particular, one remark he made on his way home from his Puerto Rico trip may be one of the most jarring signs of his deteriorating mental capacity to date.

When Trump was describing his visit to post-hurricane Puerto Rico, he said “It’s the first time that a sitting President has done something like this” according to a CNN report (link). On the surface, this would seem to highlight his ignorance of how the presidency works, as nearly every modern president has visited areas affected by hurricanes. But when you look deeper, there’s something far more wrong here. Trump recently visited hurricane ravaged areas in Texas and Florida – yet now his words strongly suggest that he doesn’t remember those trips.

On its own, this could possibly be written off as just a one-off slip up. But when placed within in the context of Trump’s recent overall behavior, it becomes more clear what’s going on here. Trump has repeatedly wandered away from his own events in blank fashion, from joint press conferences to bill signings, while they’re still going on. He’s wandered away from his own motorcade. Whenever he goes off teleprompter during his speeches, he speaks incoherently and makes no sense whatsoever.

Now, on top of all of that, Donald Trump appears to have no recollection of his recent visits to hurricane victims in Texas and Florida. With the frequency and severity of his mentally vacant moments rapidly increasing, it seems a matter of time before he has an incident so severe that the mainstream media has to admit it. In the meantime, we’ll keep documenting his ongoing cognitive collapse.

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