Donald Trump has either gone senile or he’s hallucinating or both

Most today’s headlines will focus on Donald Trump’s traitorous declaration of Vladimir Putin’s innocence on election hacking, or Trump’s rubber-room-crazy Twitter meltdown about “haters and losers” and “short and fat” people. In amongst all of that chaos, one key detail from yesterday may understandably slip through the cracks: Trump has become so senile, he either blew the entire play that Putin had called for him, or he imagined an entire conversation with Putin that never happened.

Trump announced to reporters on Air Force One that he and Putin discussed election meddling during their conversation at APEC in Vietnam, and that Putin denied any such meddling. But when CNN asked Putin’s press secretary Dmitri Peskov if Trump and Putin discussed election meddling, Peskov flatly said “no.” (link). So one of two things happened here. The first would be that Putin and Trump did discuss election meddling, and Putin told Trump not to tell anyone that they had discussed it, and Trump is so senile he blurted it out to reporters anyway. The second would be that no such conversation happened between Trump and Putin at APEC, and Trump hallucinated the entire thing.

How much longer is Putin going to put up with this? He’s gone to all this trouble and expense for all these years to buy off and cultivate Trump as an asset, and now that Trump is finally in a position to provide a return on that investment, it turns out Trump is too senile to function. Trump is either telling reporters secrets that he was just told not to blab about, or he’s hallucinating about conversations with other world leaders that never took place.

Even as the United States tries to figure out how to get the illegitimate Donald Trump out of office and repair the damage that’s been done to its system of democracy, it’s becoming clear that Trump is of little or no use to his foreign overlord either. The guy is just plain senile, and perhaps even worse if he’s indeed hallucinating, and that makes him of no use to anyone.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report