Senile Donald Trump thinks Paul Ryan is named “Ron” and Kim Jong-Un took power as a child

We’ve all heard Donald Trump talk about Paul Ryan enough times to be absolutely certain that he intimately knows who Paul Ryan is. And we heard Trump talk about North Korea just enough during the campaign to know that he understands current young leader Kim Jong-Un is the son of former leader Kim Jong-Il. Or at least Trump did understand who all these people were. But in a development that’s less comical than disturbing, a deteriorating Donald Trump appears to be forgetting people entirely – and not merely forgetting their names.

In a Fox News interview this week, Donald Trump stated rather clearly that he believes the current leader of North Korea is the same guy who was in charge back in the nineties (source: ThinkProgress). One look at Kim Jong-Un reveals that he’s far too young, who is thirty-two years old by some accounts, to be in his third decade of power. And yet Trump is certain that this Kim is the same Kim that Bill Clinton was dealing with back in the day. It’s possible Trump even believes the current Kim is not only his own father, but also his own grandfather, who was in power until 1994. And yet, Trump used to know that these were different people – and now he’s somehow lost a grip on it.

But okay, Kim and his father and grandfather are all named “Kim” and he’s never met any of them anyway. So maybe he’s just losing focus. That’s until you get to the part where he’s forgotten who Paul Ryan is. And again, Trump didn’t just forget Paul Ryan’s name when he began calling him “Ron” today (watch the video here). Trump appeared to have forgotten that Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson are two different guys from Wisconsin.


Not that long ago, Donald Trump was keenly aware of who Paul Ryan was. In fact the two worked closely together on the failed Republican health care bill just last month. And yet now Trump appears to be losing mental capacity so swiftly that for all he knows, Paul Ryan might as well be Kim Jong-Un’s grandfather. Contribute to Palmer Report

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