Senator gets James Comey to sort of confirm grand jury and RICO investigation into Donald Trump

FBI Director James Comey testified in publicly televised Senate Judiciary Committee hearings today, and predictably, he faced a steady stream of questions about the FBI’s ongoing investigation into Donald Trump and Russia. Just as predictably, there were a number of questions Comey couldn’t or wouldn’t answer due to the investigation’s ongoing answer. But one of his partial answers seemed to give away a great deal.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse began asking Director Comey about what kinds of questions Comey would or wouldn’t be able to answer about a hypothetical RICO investigation. This seemed a rather obvious attempt by Whitehouse to try to garner information regarding this past week’s leaks (link) about a federal RICO investigation into Donald Trump. Comey gave a response that was as about as vague as expected. But in so doing, Comey made a point of discussing a hypothetical grand jury.

It’s not that James Comey’s explanation of grand juries was enlightening; it’s the fact that Comey chose to answer a question about a hypothetical RICO investigation by bringing up a hypothetical grand jury. Comey has always chosen his words and answers very carefully during these public hearings into Trump and Russia. He’s certainly as aware as the rest of us about the leaks over the past week.

And yet, when Comey was indirectly asked about the recent leaks of a federal RICO investigation into Trump, he seemed to make a point of confirming it by invoking the words “grand jury” in his answer and thus addressing the other half of the leak. Other may interpret Comey’s answer in various ways. But I think I just heard him very carefully confirm that his RICO investigation into Donald Trump has indeed reached the grand jury level. Help fund Palmer Report

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