Sean Spicer takes two swings at it, still screws up “big ending” tweet about Trump’s wall

There are times when we genuinely feel bad for White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. For instance after his boss Donald Trump caved on his threat to shut down the government to get funding for his border wall, Spicer had to go out there today and try to spin yet another loss into a win. But as tends to happen when Stammering Spice becomes flustered, he swung and missed at the English language pretty badly this afternoon – twice.

Sean Spicer hopped onto his official @PressSec account on Twitter this afternoon and promptly tweeted the following:

Big ending to to? Is he speaking in tongues now? Does this mean Trump’s wall plan is coming to a big end? Does this mean Spicer’s big ending is going to consist of him dancing in a tutu? As always, we recommend Spicer read Twitter for Dummies. We all screw things up. But this guy literally has one job – to communicate clearly with the public – and instead he’s tweeting “big ending to to” from the official Press Secretary account.

Naturally Spicer deleted it and tried again:

Now we’re at “beginning to to.” At least we’re heading in the right direction. But this was three hours ago, and he still hasn’t deleted and replaced the second failed attempt at his tweet. So perhaps Spicer has simply given up. Or perhaps a trap door opened beneath him after the second failed tweet. Help fund Palmer Report

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