Sean Hannity reaches a new low, even for him

If you want proof that Fox News really is as lacking in standards and integrity as we’ve all come to assume, one need look no further than what’s played out over the past twenty-four hours. It’s not just that the network continues to give shelter to Sean Hannity, a propagandist who coordinates his on-air lies with Donald Trump behind the scenes. It’s what Hannity did last night, and what Fox News didn’t do about it today.

Last night Sean Hannity traveled to a Donald Trump political rally, with his official reason being to interview Trump. Fox News seems to have no trouble with the fact that Hannity is a corrupt liar who’s arguably committing felony obstruction of justice by conspiring with Trump to dishonestly sabotage the Trump-Russia criminal investigation. After all, if Hannity’s criminal ties to Trump can land him an on-air interview with Trump, why not?

But then Sean Hannity decided to take the stage during the rally, and he promptly accused the reporters in the room of being “fake news.” That’s right, Hannity used the power of the presidency to publicly make false and libelous accusations against his own network’s competitors. People within Fox News are reportedly outraged, but apart from an official statement referring to the incident as “unfortunate,” nothing is going to be done. No firing. No suspension. And why would they? Fox News has been milking Hannity’s inappropriate criminal relationship with Trump for ratings all along; why stop now?

All that Sean Hannity really did last night was to publicly confess what everyone paying attention already knew about him: that he’s a lying puppet of the Donald Trump regime. But Hannity reached a new low in that he’s now so confident in his ability to get away with criminally conspiring with Trump, he’s no longer even trying to pretend there’s a thin layer of journalism covering it.

Based on Sean Hannity’s sketchy ties to Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort, both of whom have cut plea deals and already sold everyone out to prosecutors, we suspect Hannity will end up being criminally indicted. In the meantime, Fox News is committing a crime against journalism by continuing to keep him on the air. After all, when you have no integrity to begin with, why not continue milking a thug like Hannity for ratings for as long as possible?

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