Donald Trump’s racist tweets won’t distract from the Trump-Russia bombshell that’s about to land

For an erratic lunatic, Donald Trump is strikingly consistent in certain ways. For instance, whenever he gets word that a major bombshell is about to land in his Trump-Russia scandal, he tries to distract from it by saying or tweeting controversially toxic garbage. Over the past few days he’s taken that into overdrive, picking as many fights with black athletes as possible. But this won’t be enough to distract from what’s about to hit him.

We already have some sense of what the bombshell will be. This past week a number of major news outlets revealed that they’ve halfway pieced together the story of how Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was colluding with a Russian oligarch in an attempt at getting his massive personal debts wiped out. It was also revealed that Manafort was under FISA surveillance the entire time, and that he’s on the verge of being indicted for serious crimes. The key word here is “halfway,” because when it comes to Trump’s involvement, the devil is in the details.

This week we’re going to learn more about Trump’s level of knowledge and involvement in Manafort’s Russian plot. We may get a hint of whether Trump was caught saying anything self-incriminating on that Manafort wiretap. We may even find out what we’ve all long suspected – that Trump was using his campaign to try to get his own Russian financial debts erased. These are the kinds of details that, once confirmed, will instantly bring the Russia scandal back front-and-center in the minds of the American mainstream.

So for the moment Donald Trump will continue to play racist footsie, both because he enjoys it and because he’s desperate to create any distraction, even if it’s one that makes him look bad. But once these earth shattering Trump-Russia bombshells arrive, none of his ridiculous antics will help him one bit. Contribute to Palmer Report

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report