Did Robert Mueller just revoke a deal with Michael Flynn over kidnapping conspiracy?

Earlier this week, a number of pieces of the puzzle came together to give the strong impression that Michael Flynn secretly cut a deal with special counsel Robert Mueller back in July. Now, new revelations about Flynn’s dealings with Turkey, and a surprising response from Flynn’s attorneys, raise the question of whether Mueller may have revoked the deal because Flynn lied to him.

It was long ago reported that Michael Flynn plotted with representatives of the Turkish government to kidnap a guy in Pennsylvania and ship him overseas. In fact former CIA Director James Woolsey was a witness to the conspiracy, and he reported it to the U.S. government at the time. This means that if Flynn did cut a deal with Mueller, the kidnapping story would already have been out in the open at the time. However new reporting today accuses Flynn of having been offered $15 million as a part of this kidnapping plot. This changes the nature of the conspiracy entirely. It had previously been believed that Flynn was merely offering to help with the kidnapping as part of the overall foreign agent arrangement he had in place with Turkey.

Flynn’s lawyers responded today by flatly denying the kidnapping and bribery charges. This is noteworthy because Flynn’s lawyers have almost never spoken up about anything – which was one of the reasons it appeared Flynn had cut a deal.

This raises the question of whether Robert Mueller did cut a deal with Michael Flynn earlier this year, and if Mueller has now revoked the deal after learning that the circumstances of the kidnapping plot were far different than what Flynn might have let on. James Woolsey confirmed to the media two weeks ago that he is fully cooperating with Mueller on the Flynn-Turkey matter, which could explain how Mueller may have recently obtained new information about it. If Flynn did have a deal, and if Mueller has revoked it, look for Flynn’s arrest soon.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report