How the Resistance and Donald Trump’s Russia scandal took down Jason Chaffetz

As the Trump-Russia scandal has progressed, there have been a number of casualties along the way, and all of them have been Donald Trump’s allies. Michael Flynn was forced to resign. Jeff Sessions and Devin Nunes have been forced to recuse themselves from the investigation. But now comes the demise of House Oversight Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz, who had been tacitly trying to protect Trump by refusing to use his committee to investigate the Trump-Russia scandal. Chaffetz isn’t merely recusing himself; he’s abandoning what had been a rising political career in Congress. This appears to be a result of how he got himself tangled up in the Trump-Russia scandal. And his demise paints a roadmap for how the other co-conspirators can be expected to fall.

Make no mistake: Jason Chaffetz isn’t abruptly abandoning Congress for no reason. As we’ve previously documented (link), a week before he made his announcement, there was intel community buzz that Russia has been blackmailing him and the FBI knows it. And now he’s suddenly announcing that he won’t run again, a full twenty months before he would have been up for reelection. This kind of thing never happens mid career unless it’s due to scandal. And since making his announcement, even more intel community buzz has pointed to Chaffetz being caught up financially in the Trump-Russia scandal (link and link). With this much smoke, there is little doubt that there’s fire.

So the demise of Jason Chaffetz from Congress is a step forward for those who are seeking to take down Donald Trump over his Russia scandal. And it’s at least partially because of the fierceness of the anti-Trump sentiment. And as we’ve previously reported on (link) ongoing protests have prompted the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee to put pressure on FBI Director James Comey to take the investigation more seriously.

Would we still have ended up seeing Chaffetz’s downfall in this scandal if not for all these months of protest? Perhaps. But the Resistance against Trump is having an impact on how swiftly the Trump-Russia scandal unfolds. And the demise of Jason Chaffetz is the most significant victory for the Resistance to date. More of Trump’s allies will end up resigning in a desperate attempt at trying to dodge the scandal that’s about to fall on them. And as Trump continues to lose key allies, he’ll be weaker than ever. This is a major step forward. Contribute to Palmer Report

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report