Here’s who Donald Trump is really going to fire next week

Even as the mainstream media breathlessly repeats the phrase “Donald Trump is about to fire Robert Mueller,” the facts point in a different direction. Trump’s attorneys, who both have a decades-long relationship with Mueller, are planning to sit down with him next week. Mueller will give them something they can take back to Trump to keep him calm for awhile longer. Meanwhile, it does appear Trump is gearing up to fire someone else.

Trump has long been (falsely) accusing Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe of being a Hillary Clinton plant. This is based on nothing more than some nonsense he heard on Fox News, but he’s tweeted about it so much, he seems to believe it. Yesterday, Republican Congressman (and shameless Trump shill) Trey Gowdy said he doesn’t think McCabe will still be on the job by this time next week. Then just hours ago, Donald Trump Jr retweeted a five month old tweet in which Donald Trump had attacked McCabe.

It’s not difficult to see what’s going on here. Trump has spent his entire presidency making tepid, belated moves that allow him to take out his rage and create the appearance of action, all while playing it as safe as possible. He’s gearing up to fire Andrew McCabe. His own allies and his own family know it, and the dumbest ones are so giddy, they can’t help but brag about it in advance.

Donald Trump will get to take out his frustrations by firing Andrew McCabe from the FBI. He’ll get to feel like he got revenge on Hillary Clinton, even though the conspiracy between Clinton and McCabe only exists in the imagination of Fox News viewers. He’ll get to look powerful in the eyes of his base, who won’t understand that beyond ruining McCabe’s career, Trump won’t have done anything to prevent what’s about to happen to him. And the Resistance won’t draw a line in the sand over McCabe, so long as he doesn’t also fire Robert Mueller.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report