Why real Americans are rooting for Donald Trump to fail with North Korea

After the 9/11 attacks, real Americans rooted for President George W. Bush to get his response right, whether they liked him or not. Real Americans also rooted for President Barack Obama to handle the economic crash, ISIS, and the Iran deal correctly, whether they liked him or not. For that same exact reason, real Americans are rooting for Donald Trump to fail with North Korea. Yes, I said fail.

No matter how much you might despise Donald Trump or how important you think it is that he be ousted, there are times where you have to root for him to get things right – and if it helps him politically, so be it. This isn’t one of those times. There is literally nothing to be gained, by the United States or the world in general, when it comes to Trump’s stunt of a summit with Kim Jong Un. Worse, there are myriad ways in which a Trump “win” at this summit will have a direct negative impact on the United States.

When President Obama negotiated a deal with Iran, he got everything he wanted, while giving up basically nothing, because he was holding all the leverage; Iran needed that deal far more than he did. In contrast, Trump desperately needs a deal with Kim, while Kim doesn’t really need it at all. Trump is preparing to give away the farm in return for little or nothing, just so he can celebrate a “victory” that he hopes might prolong his nearly dead presidency. Based on Kim’s track record, he’ll have no intention of honoring anything he agrees to, and Trump is in far too weak of a position to enforce anything. Worse, this summit sets the precedent that any murderous two-bit dictator can get anything he wants from the “President” of the United States, just by kissing up to him.

The only way this summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un can be viewed as a strategic win for the United States is if the whole thing fails. That’ll set the precedent that Kim can’t push the U.S. around. It’ll leave him weakened, and once the U.S. has a legitimate president, he’ll end up having to come back to the table on our terms. If Trump hands Kim a victory now, not one bit of good will come of it, and Kim will be emboldened to further wreak havoc on his own people and the region. There are times when patriotism alone requires rooting for Trump to get something right for once. This summit is the precise opposite of that. Help fund Palmer Report

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