Donald Trump’s hot air rallies run out of gas

As Donald Trump plans to do the big reveal of his Supreme Court nominee, at 9PM Eastern, game show style, there seems to be a bit of not so silent revolt happening in the background. Much of the media has become wise to his ways. Many news outlets and have stopped providing what amounted to billions of free airtime during the 2016 election.

The not failing New York Times has reported that as much as two billion dollars in free airtime was given to the Trump candidacy. So much for the Equal Time Rule. Seriously, who dropped the ball? The goal of this rule is to attempt to treat all candidates equally. But as the networks followed to cover every crazy action or statement from the Trump world in a ratings war, those same networks failed the American people.

We are now, thankfully, starting to see more cable and news networks deciding to cut away, or not even cover Trump’s value-lacking rallies. We can wonder why he continues to do rallies, over one year removed from the election. We can wonder if he is gearing up for the 2020 election or if he simply wants to be where people want to hear what he has to say, free to say whatever rambling nonsense that is truly the fake news of our generation, and use it for fundraising.

There is simply nothing new at these rallies, and they are nothing more than a venting session. Lacking regular one on one press briefings where our open and free press can challenge the ravings of this madman, these propaganda rallies, readily swallowed as truth by his base of followers, this POTUS must for once in his political career be held to the same standards as other public officials. As Trump continues to take credit for things that aren’t actually fixed, giving him less airtime may also give him fewer opportunities to present these lies as fact.

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