Donald Trump is saying racist things about President Obama again, as Trump-Russia scandal panic sets in

In the five days since he learned that Michael Flynn is in the process of cutting a devastating plea deal against him, Donald Trump has unwittingly revealed that he’s in a total panic over the Trump-Russia scandal. We know this because he’s reached a new level of desperation when it comes to creating a distraction – whether it be good or bad for himself – in the hope of distracting the public, and maybe himself, from what’s about to happen to him. Now he’s circling back to his original line of nonsense.

When Donald Trump dusted off the Access Hollywood “grab em by the…” tape earlier this week by suddenly questioning whether it was really his voice on that tape, it turns out that was merely a warm up act. Trump is now laying the groundwork for bringing back his earlier claim about President Obama having been secretly born in Kenya. No really, he’s going there.

Trump has begun privately questioning the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate, according to a New York Times profile (link). More importantly, Trump’s own trusted confidantes are making a point of leaking this to the media. Trump’s team wants this to be a thing again, even though it worked against Trump in the general election, and he ultimately had to publicly admit that the controversy was never real. So why is Team Trump bringing this back?

The answer is fairly straightforward. Donald Trump, or at least his team, now believes that things are about to get very ugly – so ugly, in fact, that any sort of distraction is a welcome one. They’re dusting off Trump’s worst moments, from Access Hollywood to racist birtherism. That way, once the real scandals start hitting the headlines, whether it be from Flynn’s deal or something even uglier, those stories will have to fight for headline space with the nonsense he’s dredging up.

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