Donald Trump Jr continues his pattern of saying racist and sexist things about black Congresswomen

In the midst of the Trump White House’s ongoing attacks on Congresswoman Frederica Wilson this week, Donald Trump Jr decided to join the fray by reminding us all that he’s an even stupider version of his disgusting father. Junior jumped straight to attacking the Congresswoman in juvenile and sexist fashion. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering his prior history of hurling racist and sexist insults at black Congresswomen.

After one of his followers posted an offensive meme comparing Congresswoman Wilson to Huggy Bear, and another replied by posting a meme belittling Wilson’s physical appearance by mocking her attire and comparing it to that of the Slim Jim character, Donald Trump Jr retweeted the latter and added “Snap into it!!!” This was a reminder that Donald Trump raised his eldest son to believe that racism and sexism are funny, and that all humor should be based in simplistic idiocy. But this is far from the most offensive thing that Junior has said about a black Congresswoman.

Back on August 24th of 2011, Donald Trump Jr incredibly tweeted this garbage about Congresswoman Maxine Waters, misspelling her name in the process: “Whats w bedazzled red cowboy hat Maxine Watters is wearing criticizing T party? Easier 2 take u seriously when u dont look like a stripper;)” That’s right, he literally compared a Congresswoman to a “stripper,” a reminder that he’s nothing short of pure filth. Remarkably, he also attacked Waters for her choice of headwear, a common tactic used by racists for belittling powerful black women.

One day before his racist and sexist attack on Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, Donald Trump Jr also attacked another prominent black woman, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Junior’s pattern of behavior couldn’t be more clear: it’s what happens when someone grows up with a depraved racist sexist scumbag for a father, and never does learn any better.

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